We welcome you to the Online Islamic  teachings academy QuranKor.com where we are offering multiple Islamic as well as character building and life reformation courses We urged to all our Islamic brothers and sisters to take admission in this online Quran academy and learn so much about Islam. Being a Muslim, it is our religious duty that we should not only call our selves Muslims  but also try to understand every word of Islam and if you are one of them then take admission in this online Islamic academy and learn much about Quran, Hadiths, etc.  join QuranKor.com and enlighten your heart with this great religion Islam.

We aim to make every Muslim understand and follow the basic principles of our religion  to ensure that we can become a better Ummah as well as make this world a better place for everyone to live in. we aim to teach you Quran with Tajweed, Hadiths and other Islamic courses word by word.

Why Choose Us?

Experienced Tutors

We have qualified teachers with years of experience of tutoring to other kids.

Six Languages

You can take classes in six languages which are English, Poshto, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, And Hindi.

Flexible Timings

We have 24\7 online classes system based on your schedule we will arrange class .

2 Days Free Trial Class

we offer a free trial of 2days that you can evaluate our teaching skills.

Monthly Test

To ensure that kid is doing well in study we arrange test once in month.

Payment System

we use PayPal and TransferWise/wise as easy payment gateways

One-to-one and family classes

We can arrange one-to-one class or just family class for you.

Class Recording

We record all classes on skype and share so that student can use it for revision.

Frequently Asked Questions

In rare cases, if you are not satisfied with your Quran teacher , we will provide you a new teacher unless you satisfied from your online teacher.

To learn our courses online, all you need is a good internet connection and a device to take classes with. So you can take our inline classes on your mobile phone as well.

If you are four people from one  family one of you will be free. And If you bring more students, you can get discount on your fee. 

You can contact with us for more inquiries through our WhatsApp number and Email which are given in the bottom of website or click on “contact us” page in menu.

QuranKor.com is a multinational online Islamic Teachings Academy. so that is why we offer our Islamic courses in some of famous languages which includes English, Urdu, Poshto, Farsi, and Arabic. 

QuranKor.com is a world wide online Islamic Teachings Academy. based on  English, Urdu, Poshto, Farsi, and Arabic language we offer our courses all over the world.

For online classes with us you should have one device it could be your pc (with web came) Laptop (with web came) and Mobile or Tablet and you will need one skype id through which you will attend class.

If you face any problem during your courses you can write your complain to us on our WhatsApp number and email id we will get back to you with good solution as soon as possible.